Californians For Term Limits Officially Launches!

August 27th, 2012 CA Term Limits

Today the formation of Californians for Term Limits, a non-profit 501©4 non-profit advocacy organization, was officially announced.

This organization, which promotes citizen activism, supports term limits for politicians at every level of government for three core reasons:

  • Every politician should ultimately have to return back to private life and live under the laws and regulations that they have promulgated while in office.
  • Special interest groups so dominate the political process that often an election to office would become a lifetime gig, as their special interests keep re-electing incumbents.
  • We believe that with term limits in place, instead of attracting career politicians, we attract citizen representatives who are more in touch with the people.

Longtime term-limits advocate Jon Fleischman has been named President of California Term Limits.

“California Term Limits will focused on defending term limits for our statewide offices, strengthening them for our state legislators, and for establishing strong term limits wherever possible in local governments around our large state,” said Fleischman.  “We also focus on encouraging California’s 53 Members of Congress and two U.S. Senators to sign the U.S. Term Limits pledge to support a two-term limit for U.S. Senators and a three-term limit for Members of Congress.  We will also actively engage in exposing and providing public education about those candidates for office who we believe to be term limits scofflaws.”

California Term Limits will work closely with U.S. Term Limits, as well as with local activists and groups around California who are advocating for term limits for politicians in their communities.

“U.S. Term Limits is excited about the official formation of California Term Limits,” said Phil Blumel, President of U.S. Term Limits.  “Term Limits is a national grassroots movement, but it is critical that this citizen movement be organized on a state-by-state level.  Term limits has enjoyed broad, bipartisan support in California, and have in fact been adopted not only statewide for politicians, but in a great many of California’s counties and cities.  We look forward to working with California Term Limits to work to see more citizen representatives and fewer career politicians.”

Term limits is one of the largest grass-roots movements in American history.  Nationally, term limits have been place on 15 state legislatures, eight of the ten largest cities in America (which includes Los Angeles, San Diego and San Jose).  37 states place term limits on their constitutional officers.

California Term Limits, Inc., is a 501©4 Advocacy Organization